Event aim: To showcase a range of opportunities available to private landowners (and prospective landowners) to encourage and facilitate more involvement from others and production on their land. 

Are you a private landowner looking for opportunities to enable more people to access and use your land for food production? Are you unsure about how the environmental, economic and social benefits might stack up against the risks and effort of opening up your space? Are you looking to diversify your activity to better manage your risks?  

We’ll use real life examples to showcase a range of different models to engage a community that might work for your site. We’ll consider a range of different communities including schools, new entrant farmers, people from a specific background or with a defined need, or simply anyone who lives locally.  

We’ll provide ideas and links to organisations that can help you identify and connect with your community and develop a business case for your idea. We’ll consider what might need to be put in place to manage the relationship between landowner and community. We’ll introduce you to the Community Land Advisory Service that can offer support around licenses, leases and other planning concerns. 

After the presentations, there’ll be time to discuss your particular situation with other delegates and speakers