About this event

The association of the vision of the University with the rural environment established by its early founders has remained to this today. The founder of Saint David’s College Lampeter, Bishop Thomas Burgess, Bishop of Saint David’s and also Bishop of Salisbury, was a founding member of the Odiham Agricultural Society in his English seat. He had a great empathy for the rural environment, intense interest and intimate understanding of agriculture and the importance of agricultural reform, as well as the importance of it to the community. At Lampeter, Bishop Burgess had tremendous regard for the Welsh language and culture and deepening vocational learning and knowledge for all. We are nurtured by this history in our responses to today’s challenges, The same values are at the heart of the centre’s mission in addressing the climate crisis and other societal challenges, and these values are very much shared by the members of the centre.

The centre will host an Open Day Event on Saturday 19th March. The programme is focused on the theme ‘Learning from Nature’, and brings contributions from academics, local experts in food and farming, students, local enterprises and social enterprises in the form of a range of talks, exhibitions, practical indoor and outdoor activities including guided walks around the campus and the town. The activities focus on the theme of resilience, including education, wellbeing, biodiversity and restoring nature.

The order of the day can be seen below:

• 9:00-9:30: Registration

• 9:45- 10:00: Welcome

• 10:00-11:00: Expert panel

• 11:20-11:50: Session 1

• 12:00-12:30/13:10: Session 2

• 12:40-13:10: Session 3

• 13:10-14:10 Lunch

• 14:10-15:20/15:30: Session 4

• 15:30-16:00/16:30: Session 5

• 16:30 Closes

You will be able to select each session on the booking form. A note of your selections will be included in your booking confirmation email.

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