The Rural Business and Enterprise Centre

The Rural Business and Enterprise Centre will be a key part of the eco-system developed in the name of Tir Glas. It will be established in order to support the region’s wider vision to develop a strong and resilient economy that will enable businesses to establish, grow and thrive in the long run.

The RBEC will be in a position to provide local businesses with advice and practical support so that they develop into dynamic and enterprising entities benefiting from knowledge exchange and training that may be tailored to their specific needs.

Although some emphasis will be on supporting entrepreneurs and business owners to become more sustainable, the REBC will also be able to assist any local business which is keen to grow and develop in partnership with the University over a period of time.

The main focus will be on developing the growth of a new cohort of informed practitioners and entrepreneurs, creating brand new businesses in key sunrise technology areas, supporting existing businesses in their activities, encourage and support those working within the agricultural sector to diversify and to try and encourage the area’s businesses to adopt sustainable and more resilient methods of thinking and operating. Innovation and creativity will be consistent themes across all services offered.

The RBEC will be able to offer enterprise advice to students and graduates, provide a signposting service to more dedicated business support provision and work with partners to identify new markets, processes and products that will enrich the food, tourism, agriculture and timber industries in particular. Incubation spaces will be provided within the Hub for those wishing to establish new businesses.

These will be located close to seminar rooms and larger lecture rooms where workshops and training courses will be held regularly. Two small offices will also be reserved for established businesses within to relocate to the Centre